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Martin is served by the West Tennessee Railroad, which connects nearby to other railroad systems, giving Martin connections with major points throughout the country. An Amtrak Station is 12 miles away that offers service from Chicago to New Orleans.


Martin is served by U. S. Highway 45E from the north and south and by State Highway 22 from the east and west. West Kentucky Parkway begins at the Kentucky Tennessee state line ten miles north of Martin. Interstate 40 is approximately 45 miles south of Martin. Martin is 10 miles to access of Interstate 69.

Truck Lines

Major truck lines as well as small versatile carriers serve Martin. Volunteer Trucking and American Freightway have terminals in Dresden; and Wharton Trucking and Godwin Leasing have terminals in Gleason. The area is also served by such lines as Yellow Freight, Smith Transfer, Roadway Express, Transus, and Overnite.


The nearest airport is between Martin and Union City, approximately eight miles west of Martin. Facilities include a 5,000' x 100' asphalt runway, a modern lighting system, including a 36 inch rotating beacon, two hangars, and an administration building. The field is in excellent state of repair and can accommodate twin engine planes and small executive type jets. A full time mechanic offers repair service, flying lessons, storage facilities and charter service. Both 100 low lead fuel and jet fuel are available and local radio is Unicom 122.7.

The nearest commercial service is in Jackson (50 miles), at McKellar-Sipes Regional Airport. Both commuter and charter services are available.

Paducah, Kentucky, fifty five miles north of Martin, is served by Ozark and Delta with flights to many major cities.

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